Chile national football team players

Are you searching to know about the Chile national football team players? Do you want to know their names? their birth date? their current club’s name? and their playing positions? If you want to know about the Chile national football team information, that this post is for you. You can know from here about the Chile football team players, their names, their birth date, their current club name, and their playing positions. We have listed here who are played in the previous match.

PlayersBirth DatePositionsClub
Brayan Cortes11/03/1995GoalkeeperColo-Colo
Fernando de paul25/04/1991GoalkeeperUniversidad de Chile
Omar Carabali12/06/1997GoalkeeperSan Luis
Oscar Opazo18/10/1990DefenderColo-Colo
Alfonso Parot15/10/1989DefenderUniversidad Catolica
Branco Ampuero19/07/1993DefenderAntofagasta
Benjamin Kuscevic02/05/1996DefenderUniversidad Catolica
Felipe Campos08/11/1993DefenderColo-Colo
Valber Huerta26/08/1993DefenderUniversidad Catolica
Alex Ibacache11/01/1999DefenderCurico Unido
Raimundo Rebolledo14/05/1997DefenderUniversidad Catolica
Cesar Pinares23/05/1991MidfielderUniversidad Catolica
Leonardo Valencia25/04/1991MidfielderColo-Colo
Tomas Alarcon19/01/1999MidfielderO`Higgins
Pablo Aranguiz17/03/1997MidfielderUniversidad de Chile
Rodrigo Echeverria17/05/1995MidfielderEverton
Cesar Fuentes12/04/1993MidfielderColo-Colo
Juan Leiva11/11/1993MidfielderUnion la Calera
Edson Puch09/04/1986ForwardUniversidad Catolica
Angelo Henriquez13/04/1994ForwardUniversidad de Chile
Robarto Gutierrez18/04/1983ForwardO`Higgins
Marcos Bolados28/02/1996ForwardColo-Colo
Patrico Rubio18/04/1989ForwardAlianza Lima
Andres Vilches14/01/1992ForwardUnion la Calera

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