Brazil vs Argentina all match results

Most people in the world who love football, they support the Argentina football team or Brazil football team. That is why we want to know Brazil vs Argentina team all-time match results. From here you can know Brazil vs Argentina all match results.

Brazil vs Argentina match results of all time.


Games Won46
Games Drawn25
Games Lost41


Games Won41
Games Drawn25
Games Lost46
11 July 2021Argentina1-0Brazil
15 Nov2019 Brazil0-1ArgentinaSuperclasico de las Americas
2 Jul 2019Brazil2-0ArgentinaCopa America
16 Oct 2018Argentina0-1BrazilSuperclasico de las Americas
09 Jun 2017Brazil0-1ArgentinaSuperclasico de las Americas
10 Nov 2016Brazil3-0ArgentinaFIFA World Cup Qualify
13 Nov 2015Argentina1-1BrazilFIFA World Cup Qualify
11 Oct 2014Brazil2-0ArgentinaSuperclasico de las Americas
21 Nov 2012Argentina2-1BrazilSuperclasico de las Americas
20 Sept 2012Brazil2-1ArgentinaSuperclasico de las Americas
09 Jun 2012Argentina4-3BrazilInternational Friendly
28 Sep 2011Brazil2-0ArgentinaSuperclasico de las Americas
14 Sep 2011Argentina0-0BrazilSuperclasico de las Americas
17 Nov 2010Argentina1-0BrazilInternational Friendly
05 Sep 2009Argentina1-3BrazilFIFA World Cup Qualify
18 Jun 2008Brazil0-0ArgentinaFIFA World Cup Qualify
15 Jul 2007Argentina0-3BrazilCopa America
03 Sep 2006Brazil3-0ArgentinaInternational Friendly
29 Jun 2005Brazil4-1ArgentinaFIFA Confederations Cup
08 Jun 2005Argentina3-1BrazilFIFA World Cup Qualify
25 Jul 2004Argentina2-2BrazilCopa America
02 Jun 2004Brazil3-1ArgentinaFIFA World Cup Qualify
05 Sep 2001Argentina2-1BrazilFIFA World Cup Qualify
26 Jul 2000Brazil3-1ArgentinaFIFA World Cup Qualify
07 Sep 1999Brazil4-2ArgentinaInternational Friendly
04 Sep 1999Argentina2-0BrazilInternational Friendly
11 Jul 1999Brazil2-1ArgentinaCopa America
29 Apr 1998Brazil0-1ArgentinaInternational Friendly
08 Nov 1995Argentina0-1BrazilInternational Friendly
17 Jul 1995Brazil2-2ArgentinaCopa America
24 Mar 1994Brazil2-0ArgentinaInternational Friendly
27 Jun 1993Brazil1-1ArgentinaCopa America
18 Feb 1993Argentina1-1BrazilInternational Friendly
17 Jul 1991Brazil2-3ArgentinaCopa America
27 Jun 1991Brazil1-1ArgentinaInternational Friendly
27 Mar 1991Argentina3-3BrazilInternational Friendly
24 Jun 1990Brazil0-1ArgentinaFIFA Word Cup Qualify
12 Jul 1989Brazil2-0ArgentinaCopa America
10 Jul 1988Argentina0-0BrazilBicentennial Gold Cup
05 May 1985Brazil2-1ArgentinaInternational Friendly
17 Jun 1984Brazil0-0ArgentinaInternational Friendly
14 Sep 1983Brazil0-0ArgentinaCopa America
24 Aug 1983Brazil1-0BrazilCopa America
02 Jul 1982Brazil3-1ArgentinaFIFA World Cup
04 Jan 1981Brazil1-1BrazilGold Cup
23 Aug 1979Brazil2-2BrazilCopa America
02 Aug 1979Brazil2-1ArgentinaCopa America
18 Jun 1978Argentina0-0BrazilFIFA World Cup
19 May 1976Brazil2-0ArgentinaCopa del Atlantico
27 Feb 1976Argentina1-2BrazilCopa del Atlantico
16 Aug 1975Argentina0-1BrazilCopa America
06 Aug 1975Brazil2-1ArgentinaCopa America
30 Jun 1974Argentina1-2BrazilFIFA World Cup
31 Jul 1971Argentina2-2BrazilCopa Julio Roca
28 Jul 1971Argentina1-1BrazilCopa Julio Roca
08 Mar 1970Brazil2-1ArgentinaInternational Friendly
04 Mar 1970Brazil02ArgentinaInternational Friendly
11 Agu 1968Brazil3-2ArgentinaInternational Friendly
07 Agu 1968Brazil4-1ArgentinaInternational Friendly
09 Jun 1965Brazil0-0ArgentinaInternational Friendly
07 Sep 1964Brazil3-0ArgentinaInternational Friendly
03 Jun 1964Brazil0-3ArgentinaCopa das Nacoes
16 Apr 1963Brazil5-2ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
13 Apr 1963Brazil2-3ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
24 Mar 1963Argentina3-0BrazilCopa America
03 Feb 1962Brazil0-0ArgentinaSA NOVOS
12 Jul 1960Brazil5-1ArgentinaCopa del Atlantico
29 May 1960Argentina1-4BrazilCopa Julio Roca
25 May 1960Argentina4-2BrazilCopa Julio Roca
20 Mar 1960Brazil1-0ArgentinaPanamerican Championship
13 Mar 1960Argentina2-1BrazilPanamerican Championship
22 Dec 1959Argentina4-1BrazilCopa America
04 Apr 1959Argentina1-1BrazilCopa America
10 Jul 1957Brazil2-0ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
07 Jul 1957Brazil1-2ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
03 Apr 1957Argentina3-0BrazilCopa America
05 Dec 1956Brazil1-2ArgentinaInternational Friendly
08 Jul 1956Argentina0-0BrazilCopa del Atlantico
18 Mar 1956Brazil2-2ArgentinaPanamerican Championship
05 Feb 1956Brazil1-0ArgentinaCopa America
10 Feb 1946Argentina2-0BrazilCopa America
23 Dec 1945Brazil3-1ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
20 Dec 1945Brazil6-2ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
16 Dec 1945Brazil3-4ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
15 Feb 1945Argentina3-1BrazilCopa America
17 Jan 1942Argentina2-1BrazilCopa America
17 Mar 1940Argentina5-1BrazilCopa Julio Roca
10 Mar 1940Argentina2-3BrazilCopa Julio Roca
05 Mar 1940Argentina6-1BrazilCopa Julio Roca
25 Feb 1940Brazil0-3ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
18 Feb 1940Brazil2-2ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
22 Jan 1939Brazil3-2ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
15 Jan 1939Brazil1-5ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
01 Feb 1937Argentina2-0BrazilCopa America
30 Jan 1937Argentina1-0BrazilCopa America
25 Dec 1925Argentina2-2BrazilCopa America
13 Dec 1925Argentina4-1BrazilCopa America
09 Dec 1923Argentina2-0BrazilCopa Julio Roca
02 Dec 1923Argentina0-2BrazilCopa Confraternidad
18 Nov 1923Argentina2-1BrazilCopa America
22 Oct 1922Brazil2-1ArgentinaCopa Julio Roca
15 Oct 1922Brazil2-0ArgentinaCopa America
02 Oct 1921Argentina1-0BrazilCopa America
12 Oct 1920Argentina3-1BrazilInternational Friendly
25 Sep 1920Brazil0-2ArgentinaCopa America
01 Jun 1919Brazil3-3ArgentinaCopa Roberto Cherry
18 May 1919Brazil3-1ArgentinaCopa America
03 Oct 1917Argentina4-2BrazilCopa America
27 Sep 1916Argentina0-1BrazilCopa Julio Roca
10 Jul 1916Argentina1-1BrazilCopa America
27 Sep 1914Argentina0-1BrazilCopa Julio Roca
20 Sep 1914Argentina3-0BrazilInternational Friendly

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