Bolivia national football team players

Are you searching to know about the Bolivia national football team players? Do you want to know their names? their birth date? their current club’s name? and their playing positions? If you want to know about the Bolivia national football team information, that this post is for you. You can know from here about the Bolivia football team players, their names, their birth date, their current club name, and their playing positions. We have listed here who are played in the previous match.

PlayerBirth DatePositionsClub
Carlos Lampe17/03/1987GoalkeeperSan Jose
Daniel Vaca06/03/1978GoalkeeperThe Strongest
Rodrigo Banegas11/08/1995GoalkeeperOriente Petrolero
Jhohan Gutierrez27/09/1996GoalkeeperAtletico Palmaflor
Jimmy Roca04/05/1999GoalkeeperNacional Potosi
Javier Rojas14/01/1996GoalkeeperNacional Potosi
Luis Alverto Gutierrez15/01/1985DefenderBolivar
Marvin Bejarano06/03/1988DefenderThe Strongest
Jose Sagredo10/03/1994DefenderBlooming
Luis Haquin15/11/1997DefenderBolivar
Alejandro Melean16/06/1987DefenderJorge Wilstermann
Gabriel Valverde24/06/1990DefenderThe Strongest
Adrian Jusino09/07/1992DefenderBolivar
Oscar Ribera10/02/1992DefenderBolivar
Enrique Flores01/02/1994DefenderBolivar
Carlose Anez06/07/1995DefenderOriente Petrolero
Saul Tores22/03/1990DefenderNacional Potosi
Guimer Justiniano29/06/1989DefenderRoyal Pari
Sebastian Reyes12/03/1997DefenderJorge Wilstermann
Luis Demiquel15/01/2000DefenderThe Strongest
Julio Cesar Perez24/10/1991DefenderOriente Petrolero
Jairo Quinteros07/02/2001DefenderBolivar
Jesus Sagredo10/03/1994DefenderBlooming
Jhasmani Campos10/05/1988MidfielderThe Strongest
Alejandro Chumacero22/04/1991MidfielderPuebla
Rudy Cardozo14/02/1990MidfielderThe Strongest
Danny Bejarano03/01/1994MidfielderLamia
Leonel Justniano02/07/1992MidfielderJorge Wilstermann
Raul Castro19/08/1989MidfielderThe Strongest
Erwin Savedra22/02/1996MidfielderBolivar
Walter Veizaga24/07/1988MidfielderThe Strongest
Leonardo Vaca24/11/1995MidfielderBlooming
Diego Wayer15/10/1993MidfielderThe Strongest
Fernando Saucedo15/03/1990MidfielderJorge Wilstermann
Henry Vaca 27/01/1998MidfielderAtletico Goianiense
Ramiro Vaca01/07/1999MidfielderThe Strongest
Paul Arano23/02/1995MidfielderBlooming
Roberto Fernandez12/07/1999MidfielderBolivar
Erwin Junior Sanchez23/07/1992MidfielderBlooming
Chistian Arabe25/12/1991MidfielderAlways Ready
Moises Vllarroel07/09/1998MidfielderJorge Wilstermann
Marcelo Martins18/06/1987ForwardCruzeiro
Juan Carlos Arce10/04/1985ForwardBolivar
Ricardo Padriel19/01/1987ForwardJorge Wilstermann
Yasmani Duk01/03/1988ForwardAurora
Victor Abrego11/02/1997ForwardBolivar
Cesar Menacho09/08/1999ForwardBlooming

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